Give back by serving in a local soup kitchen, Grace Place Ministries (1600 Jackson Street, Monroe, LA 71202) This requires prepping a meal and serving it to those less fortunate in the community. We also help with grocery distribution as needed.

Due to Covid, meals are made to go every Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9am-11am. Meals are given out from 11:30am-1:00pm. Groceries are given out every Friday 11am-1pm.

At this time these are the groups serving. Please fill out the contact us form and let us know which group you’d like to serve with or contact that church to join with them on their day! You can also email for any questions.

Every Friday Grocery Distribution Team 11am-1pm (help stock and hand out food to those in need) Once we open back up to the public this will move to every 2nd & 4th Thursday from 11:30am-1:30pm.

1st Monday – Heavenly Travelers

1st Wednesday – Family Church (full)

1st Friday – Christian Life (full)

2nd Monday – First West (full)

2nd Wednesday – St. Paschals (full)

2nd Friday – St. Pauls (full)

3rd Monday – Cook Baptist (full)

3rd Wednesday – First Baptist Bernice

3rd Friday – Fruit Loops/Lea Joyner (full)

4th Monday – Bethany (Winnsboro)/Beit Shalom

4th Wednesday – Life Church (full)

4th Friday – Christ Church

5th Monday – North Crossings

5th Wednesday – Target

5th Friday – Antioch (Farmerville) (full)